Uniquely Yours Stability Support, Inc.
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"These seeds are not just gifts in time of need but investments in our humanity".

About Us

Uniquely Yours Stability Support (UYSS) was founded in 2007 to address the dynamics of "homeless prevention" and "moving out of homelessness."  UYSS is a leading provider of services designed to help clients gain and maintain their housing stability. UYSS uses life skills education, community collaboration, and intelligent, planned giving to ensure long-term housing stability.

UYSS has established that the most efficient and effective method to distribute our services is by collaborating with the network of existing social service programs and agencies serving our target population. The referral process at UYSS is specifically designed to ensure that those who are served at UYSS are not able to get these services anywhere else.  UYSS strongly believes in the power of collaboration to coordinate and provide services, ensure non-duplication of services, maximize our funding power, minimize overall use of community resources, and effectively reduce or eliminate homelessness in our community.

Why We Do What We Do

Too often, clients who are genuinely trying to gain or maintain housing stability make slightly too much money to receive assistance with a hardship or there is no program available to address their unique obstacle to housing stability.  Many struggling families are a single paycheck or crisis away from homelessness!  It is far less expensive to keep a family intact and in place with their current housing than to allow them to fall through the cracks and enter the system.  UYSS is a organization that exists to help individuals and families overcome their unique obstacles, thereby creating long-lasting housing stability.  

How Does The Magic Happen?

Individuals or families who are attempting to find solutions to housing stability issues can contact UYSS directly or can be referred to us through one of our Agency Link partners.  We will then use our resources to address the hardship that is a threat to gaining or maintaining housing stability.  The applicant and referring agency will also have an opportunity to use our free voucher system in order to address the underlying need for the referral.  UYSS' distinctive approach allows us to respond quickly to identified need; this can be key to keeping a family's home intact.

Clients MUST be actively motivated in regaining or maintaining their housing stability.

Applicants will also be required to sign a consent form authorizing UYSS to track their progress for 1 year, allowing us to confirm that our resources did indeed strengthen their housing stability.

Agency Link and Service Link Partners 

UYSS currently has 30 Agency Link Partners and 17 Service Link Partners, and these connections are constantly growing. Thank you to all of our community partners!

To use our services to benefit your clients, agencies need to register with us. To register your agency, simply contact UYSS and you could become a part of our Agency Link team. This partnership allows you to make referrals whenever needed.

When reaching out to our community for the solutions to address a client's hardship, we always refer first to our Service Link partners. Service Link partners are area businesses that collaborate with UYSS to provide services to our clients at a discount and partner with us to arrange payment.  To become one of our invaluable Service Link providers, please contact us today!